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Once And For All
by Sarah Dessen

Awesome book, Great story line.

The Blood of Olympus
by Rick Riordan

I'm sad that this series is over!

The House of Hades
by Rick Riordan

Thrilling and exciting to read

The Mark of Athena
by Rick Riordan

Annabeth is my favorite character, and it was great reading more about her.

The Son of Neptune
by Rick Riordan

It was tragic that the popular well-known character, Percy, loses his memories and has to learn about being a demigod all over again.

The Lost Hero
by Rick Riordan

This was told in the POV of 3 new characters, and I liked getting to know them!

The Last Olympian
by Rick Riordan

I couldn't put this book down!

The Battle of the Labyrinth
by Rick Riordan

This book was exciting, but sad because a lot of good characters became out of the picture.

The Sea Of Monsters
by Rick Riordan

Very interesting and funny

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

I never get tired of this book!
123Page 1 of 3

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